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Welcome to Marko Records!

Marko Records is a recording studio that is based in Columbus, Ohio. We not only specialize in recording, we also specialize in CD Duplications, CD Designs, Biographies, Photos, Videos, Promotions, Management, Copyright Publishing and more! If you are trying to take your music to a national level, we can assist you along the way. We can record different genres of music such as R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Gospel, and Blues. Marko Records believes that the artist's music is the most important thing, because when he or she is happy with their work they can produce a great product.

Mark Hockett - CEO


Another vision for Marko Records Recording Studio to reach the youth and seniors in our communities was to establish a two-prong nonprofit organization, Voices of Achievement. These prongs include, (Number 1), music therapy for residents in nursing homes, which features artists from Marko Records and, (Number 2), establish partnerships with public and private middle and high schools to work with students who have a desire to enter into the music industry. This component will be done through talent shows at the students’ respective schools. Some of the participants in the program will also have an opportunity to record their own CD at Marko Records. An after school tutoring program is another part of the program activities. The goal for Voices of Achievement, in working with the schools, is to introduce students to a career in the music industry through positive music.

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Marko Records Recording Studio

Address: 80 S 6th Street

Columbus,Ohio, 43215

80 s 6th street, 

Columbus,Ohio 43215 Cl

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